I Don’t Go Anywhere Without My New Selfie Stick

Now that we have digital cameras that allow us to take as many photos as we want without needing to have to pay for camera fill rolls to be developed and printed, I take photos of everything. I take photos of my pets, my family, my commute to and from work and even myself. You see, years ago I used to have to try to get my husband to take photos of me, but that didn’t happen often. There were few photos of me as a result. So, I bought a selfie stick with remote that allows me to take photos of myself without needing to bug him incessantly to take my photo.

My husband actually really likes it because it means that we now have a lot of photos of the two of us together when we go exploring around town or on vacations. While there were few photos of me in the past, most of the photos we did have were of him! Now that has changed for the better. A friend taught me about these nifty little tools. She had bought several to give to her children who used them all of the time.

They are a very convenient device that you hold in your hand at arm’s length, then make sure that the camera lens is facing you and you snap a photo. You do not have to reach up to touch your camera button because you can simply use the remote function on the stick. Press the button, the remote function kicks in and within seconds it causes your camera to take a photo of whatever you are aiming at. It is small and thin, and you can expand the length to where you need it to be for taking a photo. I can throw it in my purse and take it with me wherever I go.

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