I Had to Cut Corners on My Bills

When I got laid off from my job a few months ago, I knew that I was going to need to go through all of my bills and figure out what I could do without. I did not want to do that, but I knew that I had to cut corners if I was going to make my unemployment last until I found a new job. I was able to cut back my cable programming as well as my mobile phone package. What really surprised me though was finding choosetexaspower.org, a website that details all the information any Texas resident needs to know when it comes to energy.

I have seen the advertisements about different energy companies, but I never really paid any attention to them. Now that I was having to cut corners everywhere, I figured that was another area I needed to focus on. I knew that there were a lot of different options that I could choose from, but I was not sure which one to go with. That is where choosetexaspower.org came into play. I had gone online to get information about the different energy companies. [Read more…]

A Quiet and Peaceful Condo Development

When I was transferred to our company headquarters in Singapore, I knew that it was going to take some getting used to. My wife and I are originally from the area but had been living in a quiet suburb of London for the last several years. Singapore is a very bustling city, and it was at a much quicker pace than what we were used to. I knew that we would need to look for a new condo in Singapore, and my main concern was that we would not be able to find one that was not fast paced.

My boss told me to look at Gramercy Park, the same condo development that he and his wife live in. [Read more…]

Best Affordable Apartments in Jacksonville Florida

I want to get an apartment soon because my parents do not want me to live at home anymore and so that means I am going to need to find my own place to stay in the near future. I have to start checking out cheap apartments in Jacksonville FL and hope that I am able to find a place that I can afford with the money I make from my part time job. I probably have to either get a full time job and quit my current part time job, get another part time job, or try to keep my current part time job and work a full time job as well. The last option sounds the last appealing, but I am going to have to do what it takes to get by.

I wish they gave me more of a heads up about this, and maybe let me know, a few months ago, that they were planning to kick me out. Because it is not very fun to have to deal with this situation randomly, and it kind of caught me off guard. [Read more…]

Are You Watching the Best TV?

Are you watching the best TV? Well if you do not have DirecTV then you are not watching the best TV possible. Do you live in Maryland? Well if you do then you have lucked out. DirecTV can offer service anywhere in the state since they deliver their TV service from a satellite instead of just some cables. Feel free to jump straight to http://www.direct-satellite-tv.com/directv/maryland/ and see first hand all of the great things that DirecTV has to offer. You can also keep on reading this article to see all of the main things that they have to offer you without having to search the site for important information or features.

One of the best things that they have to offer is their next to none technology. [Read more…]

I Don’t Go Anywhere Without My New Selfie Stick

Now that we have digital cameras that allow us to take as many photos as we want without needing to have to pay for camera fill rolls to be developed and printed, I take photos of everything. I take photos of my pets, my family, my commute to and from work and even myself. You see, years ago I used to have to try to get my husband to take photos of me, but that didn’t happen often. There were few photos of me as a result. So, I bought a selfie stick with remote that allows me to take photos of myself without needing to bug him incessantly to take my photo.

My husband actually really likes it because it means that we now have a lot of photos of the two of us together when we go exploring around town or on vacations. While there were few photos of me in the past, most of the photos we did have were of him! Now that has changed for the better. [Read more…]