How To Choose The Best Mattress Type for Back Pain

The importance of the mattress is self – evident. You spend about 8 hours a day lying on top of it, which accounted for one-thirdof the time in your lifeA traditional argument is that lower back pain or back pain patients should sleep on a firm mattress. in factConfined to people‘s material conditions and ways of life these are just some ideas in the old days. A really good mattress for low back pain relief  should not be too hard or too softMedical experts said that “Too soft mattress cannot provide effective supports, too hard Mattresses make the spine lose it’s natural physical bend. A medium soft mattress is indeed be conducive for backpain

Picking the right bed and mattress for your back pain

  • Supports good mattress must be able to support the weight of your body, if you sleep on a mattress feels like falling into a pile of cotton, then get it out and go to buy a harder one.
  • Pillows. Most parts of the body have head, shoulders and hips. so don’t forget the pillows is very importantDon’t forget that you also need a good pillow to support your head.
  • Beds. For back pain relief, not only a mattress and pillow. Choosing a good bed is important, you definitely need a good bed base. most people still use Spring mattresses and oldstyle bed, this is not quite correct.
  • Size. if you are a traveler often need to share a bed with someone else, you move around whole the night when you sleeping but you even don’t know that. That will requires a relatively large sleeping space, you need to choose a Queen size, or KING sizeDon’t let your body fall out of bed. 
  • Comfort. You should lie on the mattress at least three minutes, try some different sleeping positions on the mattress, the mattress is what feeling and fit your body.

Pick the right type mattress

There are so many mattress types to choose in the market. More common with spring mattresses, latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses,air mattresses and water mattresses etc.  Each mattress can effectively alleviate back pain if you can find your own.  recommend you to take a look at this mattress reviews website: It is built by a professionals who have worked on this industry more than 10 years.  You can find many detailed analysis of the causes and treatment of back pain and the mattresses type most suitable for back pain. even they‘ve picked out some of the best mattresses can effectively alleviate back pain to save you time.

Mattress wear and long life

A professional study shows that old mattress may cause a variety of back pain disease. An old mattress cannot support your body, it has no elasticity and stiffness. There are even a lot of bacteria and viruses you can not see them and they against your body when you sleep at night. So when we should replace a mattress? Studies have shown that the average life of a mattress is 5-7 years, different type of mattress’s life may vary,but never for more than 7 yearsIf you feeling back pain and physical discomfort when you wake up, you should consider replacing a new mattress.

Tip: If you encounter an acute waist sprain, please go to see your doctor immediately. A good mattress can make your sleep more comfortable, better foryour selfrecovery, but it does not treat your acute waist sprain.

A best mattress type for back pain should be  supporting your body weight, while protecting the back curve and right size and comfortable feeling. In fact ,there is no mattress named “best mattress for back pain”, you have to study on mattresses carefully of all kinds of knowledge, the most important thing is, you have to find a suitable mattress.








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