A Quiet and Peaceful Condo Development

When I was transferred to our company headquarters in Singapore, I knew that it was going to take some getting used to. My wife and I are originally from the area but had been living in a quiet suburb of London for the last several years. Singapore is a very bustling city, and it was at a much quicker pace than what we were used to. I knew that we would need to look for a new condo in Singapore, and my main concern was that we would not be able to find one that was not fast paced.

My boss told me to look at Gramercy Park, the same condo development that he and his wife live in. I did not know a lot about his personal life, so I was not sure if he and his wife had the same quiet temperament that my wife and I have. Once I looked at Gramercy Park though, I figured he did. It was actually having the best of both worlds combined together. It has all of the luxury of a Singapore condo development but the environment is very low key. There are only 174 units, so it is not going to be wall to wall people.

I have seen some condos there that have thousands of units, so finding a quiet development with a fraction of that is such a blessing. The condos are spacious, and the development does not like for any typical amenities. When I showed my wife the condo site online, she liked it just as much as I did. We were able to secure a condo quickly, which meant that we were able to move in as soon as we were there. The transition between London and Singapore was a lot easier than we expected it would be!

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